Biro4321 - Architecture and education

Biro4321 - Architecture and education


Biro4321 was founded by two architecture students, determined to change and challenge architectural education, in Niš, Serbia. We aim to find and offer alternative ways of learning and understanding architecture, to students, but also to the general public. Through our work, we are trying to engage students in informal education. Turnout is large, and students’ reactions are more than positive. Biro4321 is located in „Deli prostor“, in the core of a future creative district of Niš.

What we did

From August 2015, we wrote down a countless number of ideas. So far, few of them got to the next level and became a real project. The first one was a serie of 3 courses of software used during studies of architecture and in later work. Students of architecture in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture had a chance to go through all the phases of working in 2D and 3D software, with a highly qualified mentor. The important fact is that the price was drasticaly reduced, so the courses would be affordable for students. More courses will be organized in future, in accordance with the interest and needs of students. Another initiative was the debate on a new urban project concerning the central area of the city of Niš, where the general public, with the accent again on students of architecture, had an opportunity to discuss it with its’ authors and initiators. The main motive of this and all of our ideas is the initiation of a dialogue and development of specific skills needed in contemporary market.

What we’re doing

Currently, we are in the process of production of the international film festival Novi Fokus Niš which will aim to initiate the marginalized and/or forgotten dialogue on architecture. The festival will include not only screenings of films on pressing matters, but also a panel discussion with international speakers. The theme of the discussion, and also the main theme of the first edition of the festival will be Architecture without architects. We also think that dialogue on architecture shouldn’t be practiced by the few – Ivy league universities, state capitals which possess the biggest capital, investors, but by all – because we all live in the built environment. That’s why the festival will be held in the city of Niš, instead in the Serbian capital, which could result with the shift of architectural and cultural scene to the new cultural focal point.

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Djordje Jovic
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